JERRY – 30min movie trailer / direction – Roman Przylipiak / more on: jerrythemovie.pl

Far Beyound the Heliopause – experimental video / screenplay and direction: Roman Przylipiak
JAN KARSKI – radio series trailer / screenplay and direction: Roman Przylipiak
ARKADIA STADT – feature film teaser / status: screenplay development / idea and direction – Roman Przylipiak
Scene from school project “Silence” starring: Magdalena Cielecka / screenplay and direction: Roman Przylipiak
CAŁA PRAGA ŚPIEWA – short documentary for Żywiecka Kronika Filmowa competition / screenplay and direction: Roman Przylipiak
Visual for music live shows for Blindead Absence tour / screenplay and direction – Roman Przylipiak
Visual for the theatre production “Koniec to nie my” directed by Marcin Liber / visual direction: Roman Przylipiak
DRIVE – movie trailer (short film) – 2nd award International Film Competition “Crossing Boundaries” / screenplay and direction: Roman Przylipiak
MY LITTLE BESS – movie trailer  (47min experimental) / polish off: Magdalena Cielecka, german off: Julia Jentsch / (47min experimental) / screenplay and direction: Roman Przylipiak