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  • JERRY / feature film

    Awarded feature: Best Film: Kamera Akcja Film Festival Lodz 2017 /Best Director Open Place Film Festival Latvia 2018 / Best Screenplay Wama Film Festival Olsztyn 2017 / DIR & Co-writer: Roman Przylipiak official movie site: jerrythemovie.pl

  • Charity / social campaign – Don’t smoke yourself

    Charity campaign – Don’t smoke yourself DIR: Roman Przylipiak DOP: Piotr Uznański

  • Run With the Devil – Me and That Man / MUSIC VIDEO

    Nergal co-wrote the screenplay for this cinematic video, which was directed by Roman Przylipiak and takes obvious cues from Quentin Tarantino.   DIR: ROMAN PRZYLIPIAK SCREENPLAY: NERGAL & ROMAN PRZYLIPIAK DOP: TOMASZ ZIÓŁKOWSKI

  • Raiffeisen / TV COMMERCIAL

    Series of 3 TV commercial’s for Raiffeisen Polbank / Chihuahua DIR: Roman Przylipiak DOP: Konrad Spyra GPD agency / Bomaye Production House

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